Chamber Choir of the Frauenkirche

Since its founding by choirmaster Matthias Grünert in 2005, the Frauenkirche Chamber Choir has won the respect of the Dresden music world. The 30 semi-professional singers focus mainly on the a cappella literature and oratorios of the 17th and 18th centuries.

Sacred choral music is at the heart of a repertoire that includes key a cappella works and most of the choral-symphonic music of the 18th century, including many Bach cantatas and the Masses of Haydn and Mozart. The choir’s main responsibilities are the musical aspect of church services, performances of sacred music on Sundays and concerts in the Frauenkirche. The choir also has the role of an emissary for church music beyond the city of Dresden, with concerts performed not only in the surrounding area but also frequent appearances in France, Japan, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium and Britain. 


The Chamber Choir often takes part in recordings for radio and television and attaches great importance to the recording of special works. Since the choir’s CD debut in 2006, five recordings have appeared. Two further CDs will be released in the 2015 Jubilee Year including a live recording of the performance in the Frauenkirche of the Mass in B Minor by Johann Sebastian Bach. 

Christmas in Dresden's Frauenkirche

Dorothee Mields, Eric Stokloßa, Tobias Berndt
Chamber Choir of the Frauenkirche | Instrumenta Musica
Conductor: Matthias Grünert. Sony, 2013

Joseph Haydn: Creation Mass
Ute Selbig, Rahel Haar, Eric Strokloßa, Andreas Scheibner

Chamber Choir of the Frauenkirche | Reussisches Kammerorchester
Conductor: Matthias Grünert. Rondeau, 2013

Johann Sebastian Bach: Christmas Oratorio

Jana Büchner, Britta Schwarz, Markus Brutscher, Gotthold Schwarz
Chamber Choir of the der Frauenkirche | ensemble frauenkirche
Conductor: Matthias Grünert. Berlin Classics, 2012

Georg Friedrich Händel "Jephta"

Markus Schäfer, Miriam Meyer, Britta Schwarz, Patrick von Goethem, Gotthold Schwarz, Birte Kulawik | Chamber Choir of the Frauenkirche | Dresdner Barockorchester | Conductor: Matthias Grünert. Carus, 2008

Music by Bach: "Vom Himmel hoch"

Chamber Choir of the Frauenkirche Dresden | ensemble frauenkirche
Conductor: Matthias Grünert. Carus, 2008

Become a member of the Choir

Competent singers interested in joining the Choir are welcome to get in touch and attend an audition. Previous choir experience, knowledge of notes and sufficient free time are desirable.