A Year of Music. Our Concert Programme for 2017

Our full concert programme offers visitors an impressive array of classical music from across the musical spectrum. Organised under various headings, some of the concert series address established themes, such as 'Awakening and Eternity', and 'The Virtuoso Sound of Brass', whilst others showcase the latest in music, like our ARD Award Winners concerts. Other series introduce new formats, amongst them 'Great Voices', 'The Music of Silence' or 'Bach's Organ Recitals'.

500 Years of Reformation

Martin Luther’s teachings were highly influential and richly inspirational 500 years ago, surprising his readers with his unexpected points of view, and they remain so today. The 500 years since the Reformation also represent 500 years in the history of music—a period of lively exchange and cross-fertilisation. The inexhaustible wealth of pieces composed over half a millennium performed with the virtuoso skills of today soloists and ensembles. Dipping into this gorgeous chest of riches, we have prepared a special programme for our audiences, and we hope that, like Luther, you will be able to say, “My heart overflows with gratitude when I encounter music [...]”

24.06.Jörg Herchet »Nun freut euch, lieben Christen g'mein« | Uraufführung | Solisten | Meißner Kantorei 1961 | Ensemble vocal modern | Sinfonietta Dresden | Leitung Christfried BrödelINFOS
27.09.Frauenkirchen-Bachtage: Orgelkonzert »Wir glauben all an einen Gott«  
Solisten | Orgel Frauenkirchenorganist Samuel Kummer
12.10.Heinrich-Schütz-Musikfest zu Gast: »Nun lob meine Seele« 
Calmus Ensemble | Capella de la Torre
13.10.Heinrich-Schütz-Musikfest zu Gast: Luthers Lieder in Werken von
Praetorius, Schein, Schütz, Brahms u.a. | Calmus Ensemble
14.10.Kompositionen von Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy  
Sprecherin Katja Riemann | Kammerakademie Potsdam | Leitung Antonello Manacorda 
18.10.Dresdner Orgelzyklus: Choralbearbeitungen zu Liedern Martin Luthers
Solisten | Orgel Christian Skobowsky
28.10.Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy Sinfonie Nr. 2 »Lobgesang«
Solisten | Chor der Frauenkirche | Robert Schumann Philharmonie Chemnitz | Leitung Frauenkirchenkantor Matthias Grünert
30.10.Dresdner Repertoire zum Reformationsfest | Werke von Heinrich Schütz, Andreas Hammerschidt, Giovanni Gabrieli und Hans Leo Hassler | Leitung Ludwig GüttlerINFOS
10.12.Orgelnachtmusik bei Kerzenschein: »Nun komm der Heiden Heiland« 
Orgel Philipp Christ
17.12.Orgelnachtmusik bei Kerzenschein: »Es ist ein Ros‘ entsprungen«
Solisten | Kammerchor der Frauenkirche | Instrumenta Musica | Leitung Frauenkirchenkantor Matthias Grünert

Awakening and Eternity

Mozart and Brahms composed two of the most important settings of the Requiem. Both works will be performed at the Frauenkirche in 2017. The title, Requiem, comes from the introductory text of the Latin funeral mass, “Requiem aeternamdona eis Domine” (in English: “Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord”). These deeply moving works address both the brightest and darkest human experiences: life and death. The Requiems of Mozart and Brahms are closely connected to life—especially when they sing of dying as an awakening into a new, eternal life, as promised to us in the Easter miracle of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

18.11.Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart »Requiem« | Sopran Camela Konrad | Alt Rahel Haar | Tenor Andreas Weller | Bass Sebastian Richter Kammerchor der Frauenkirche | ensemble frauenkirche | Leitung Frauenkirchenkantor Matthias GrünertINFOS
18.11.Ausgewählte Schulchöre singen Teile aus Mozarts »Requiem« | Geschlossene Veranstaltung für Freunde und Familien der jungen Chorsänger | in Kooperation mit den Dresdner SchulkonzertenINFOS
25.11.Johannes Brahms »Ein Deutsches Requiem«
Sopran Iwona Sobotka | Bariton N.N. | MDR Rundfunkchor | MDR Sinfonieorchester | Dirigent Risto Joost

BACH’s Organ Recitals

The organ, built by Gottfried Silbermann, had already been consecrated, and was filling the Frauenkirche, not yet completed, with sound, when Johann Sebastian Bach played it for the first time on 1 December 1736. Bach, recently appointed Court Composer to the Saxon Prince Electors by King August III, performed for two hours in front of an illustrious audience, who had waited excitedly to hear him play. Unfortunately, it is not known which works were included in the concert, or around which motifs or chorales he may have improvised. However, some of his organ pieces were closely associated with Bach’s frequent visits to Dresden. ‘BACH’s Organ Recitals’ bring to life his encounter with Silbermann’s organ in the Frauenkirche.

16.04.Eine musikalische Reise in das barocke Dresden von 1736 mit 
Frauenkirchenkantor Matthias Grünert
14.05.Eine musikalische Reise in das barocke Dresden von 1736 mit
Frauenkirchenkantor Matthias Grünert
01.10.Eine musikalische Reise in das barocke Dresden von 1736 mit
Frauenkirchenorganist Samuel Kummer

The Virtuoso Sound of Brass

The rich tradition of brass music is of key significance within church settings. It developed into an artistic form par excellence during the Renaissance and the Baroque from its beginnings in the performances of tower trumpeters in the Middle Ages. The announcement of important messages has always been associated with trumpets and fanfares. In churches, brass music was combined with the playing of the organ for ceremonial purposes. In the Frauenkirche, the effect was heightened by the figures of angels playing trumpets, part of the decorative programme of the organ loft, soaring up above the altar.

21.03.Konzert anlässlich Bachs Geburtstag mit Ludwig GüttlerINFOS
29.07.Sommerkonzert mit German BrassINFOS
12.08. »Geh aus, mein Herz« | Konzert mit dem Blechbläserensemble Ludwig GüttlerINFOS
07.12. Dresdner Bläserweihnacht mit Ludwig GüttlerINFOS
13.12.Weihnachtliche Chor- & Bläsermusik mit London Brass INFOS
27.12. Dresdner Bläserweihnacht mit Ludwig GüttlerINFOS

Bach Festival Series at the Frauenkirche

Johann Sebastian Bach once played the Silbermann organ in Dresden’s Frauenkirche. This honour bestowed upon the church means that we see it as our pleasure and duty to include the composer’s music on a regular basis in our programming. Every year in September and October, the Frauenkirche in Dresden dedicates a small festival to Bach as its musical patron. The Bach Festival Series includes nine musical performances: an organ concert, two performances of sacred music on Sundays, and six further concerts, as well as specially arranged services of prayer accompanied by the organ. 

23.09.Frauenkirchen-Bachtage – EröffnungskonzertINFOS
24.09.Fauenkirchen-Bachtage – Geistliche SonntagsmusikINFOS
27.09.Fauenkirchen-Bachtage – OrgelkonzertINFOS
29.09.Fauenkirchen-Bachtage – Kit ArmstrongINFOS
30.09.Fauenkirchen-Bachtage – Virtuosi SaxoniaeINFOS
01.10.Fauenkirchen-Bachtage – Bachkantate zum MitsingenINFOS
01.10.Fauenkirchen-Bachtage – Bachs OrgelrezitalINFOS
03.10.Fauenkirchen-Bachtage – h-Moll MesseINFOS
07.10.Fauenkirchen-Bachtage – AbschlusskonzertINFOS

Great Voices

They stir us, delight us, and move us, sometimes to tears because of their expressiveness and beauty. Our Frauenkirche concerts in 2017 include a series dedicated to a wide variety of solo singers. Our soloists, Valer Sabadus, Julia Lezhneva, Nuria Rial, Emma Kirkby, and Dorothee Mields are all skilled in creating intensity, intuitively or by design, in their vocal delivery. In this series, the perfect diction and expressive agility of our singers, accompanied by soft piano music, will delight our audiences.

01.04.Große Stimmen - Valer SabadusINFOS
29.04.Große Stimmen - Julia Lezhneva INFOS
27.05.Große Stimmen - Vokalensemble SjaellaINFOS
01.07.Große Stimmen - Andreas SchollINFOS
26.08.Große Stimmen - Vokalensemble VocaMeINFOS
16.09.Große Stimmen - Nuria RialINFOS
06.12.Große Stimmen - Dame Emma KirkbyINFOS
14.12Große Stimmen - Dorothee MieldsINFOS

Anniversary concerts


In 2017, the world of music will celebrate the 450th birthday of the Italian composer, Claudio Monteverdi, who introduced an epochal shift on the musical terrain akin to Martin Luther's reforms. 2017 is also dedicated to the composer, Telemann, who died 250 years ago. He was also innovative, becoming well-known throughout Europe even during his lifetime. His works, full of grace and charm, and gentle merriment, are testimony to his extraordinary musical mastery. This year, the 175th anniversary of the death of Luigi Cherubini will also be marked with a concert.

06.05.Dresdner Repertoire zum Telemann-JahrINFOS
01.06.Dresdner Musikfestspiele zu Gast | Monteverdi- Jubiläum INFOS
02.09.Konzert zum Telemann-JahrINFOS
09.09. »Marienvesper« | Konzert zum Monteverdi-Jubiläum INFOS
16.09.Große Stimmen - Nuria Rial | Telemann-JahrINFOS

Crucifixion and Resurrection

Crucifixion and Resurrection – the tension could not be greater. In the few days between Palm Sunday and the Festival of Easter are compressed the darkest and the most light-filled experiences of humankind: death and life. For centuries, musicians have been inspired to create works of particular depth and expressiveness in response to these themes. The music traces and illuminates the suffering and death of Jesus until the time of his Crucifixion, and powerfully transmits the news of His Resurrection.

01.04.Kreuz & Auferstehung | Salve ReginaINFOS
08.04.Kreuz & Auferstehung | Matthäuspassion BWV 244INFOS
14.04.Kreuz & Auferstehung | Johannespassion BWV 245INFOS

Music of Silence


We have planned a series of recitals dedicated exclusively to sung music of a very special kind. In 2017, the recitals will take place in the lower church, allowing them the space to make a powerful impact. Performances by the vocal ensembles, VocaMe and Calmus will illuminate the atmospheric and spiritual power of the Crypt beneath the Frauenkirche. This series will also include a concert featuring the angelic voices of the Sjaella Ensemble on Ascension Day.

27.05.Musik der Stille – Vokalensemble SjaellaINFOS
08.07.Musik der Stille – PreisträgerkonzertINFOS
26.08.Musik der Stille – Vokalensemble VocaMeINFOS
13.10.Luthers Lieder | Calmus EnsembleINFOS

Award Winners Concerts

The Frauenkirche Award Winners concerts offer our audiences the special opportunity to hear the latest generation of gifted musicians, the winners of the international ARD Music Competition and the Fanny Mendelssohn Award. The international ARD Music Competition is one of most prestigious and largest competitions of its kind. World-famous artists have been discovered and promoted as a result, such as Jessye Norman and Thomas Quasthoff, amongst others. Every year around 200 candidates from over 30 countries compete. The Fanny Mendelssohn Sponsorship Award, presented for the first time in 2015, rewards innovative musical concepts, new interpretative approaches and exceptional repertoires. The Frauenkirche series will be the first opportunity for these young musicians to showcase their talents before a Dresden audience.

08.07.Agnès Clément
Gewinnerin im Fach Harfe und des Publikumspreises des
Internationalen Musikwettbewerbs der ARD 2016
15.07.Chi Ho Han
Gewinner im Fach Klavier und des Publikumspreises des
Internationalen Musikwettbewerbs der ARD 2014
22.07.Vera Karner & Dominik Wagner
Gewinner des Fanny Mendelssohn Förderpreises 2016
Brücken zwischen den Kulturen
Preisträger des Internationalen Musikwettbewerbs der ARD 

Christmas Sounds

Many great works have been composed over the centuries for the contemplative Advent period and the festive Christmas days that follow. We delight in rediscovering or hearing them again each year. The music in the Frauenkirche during this time is something very special, ranging from the singing of Advent hymns to performances of a variety of Christmas oratorios.

02.12.Adventliche Festmusik aus DresdenINFOS
03.12.Geistliche Sonntagsmusik
Große Orgelsolomesse
03.12. Orgelnachtmusik bei Kerzenschein
»Magnificat anima mea«
04.12.BACHzyklus XIX
»Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland«
»Lobt Gott, ihr Christen, all zugleich«
08.12.Bachs »Weihnachtsoratorium«
Kantaten I-VI
09.12.Bachs »Weihnachtsoratorium«
Kantaten I-VI
10.12.Orgelnachtmusik bei Kerzenschein
»Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland«
11.12.Bachs »Weihnachtsoratorium«
Kantaten I-III
11.12.Bachs »Weihnachtsoratorium« zum Mitsingen
Kantaten I-III
12.12.Bachs »Weihnachtsoratorium«
Kantaten IV-VI
13.12.Weihnachtliche Chor- & Bläsermusik
»Heute ist Christus geboren«
15.12.Bachs »Weihnachtsoratorium« für Junge Leute
Weihnachtsoratorium BWV 248
15.12.Bachs »Weihnachtsoratorium«
Kantaten I, II, IV
16.12.Bachs »Weihnachtsoratorium«
Kantaten I, II, IV
17.12.Geistliche Sonntagsmusik
»Weihnachten der Renaissance an der Frauenkirche«
17.12.Orgelnachtmusik bei Kerzenschein
»Vom Himmel hoch, da komm ich her«
18.12.Weihnachtslieder aus aller Welt
»Machet die Tore weit«
22.12.Adventsliedersingen des Chores der Frauenkirche
Motetten und Liedsätze zur Advents- und Weihnachtszeit
23.12.Adventsliedersingen des Chores der Frauenkirche
Motetten und Liedsätze zur Advents- und Weihnachtszeit
25.12.BACHzyklus XX
»Gelobet seist du, Jesu Christ«
26.12.Geistliche Festtagsmusik
Camille Saint-Saens »Oratio de Noel«
26.12.Orgelnachtmusik bei Kerzenschein
»In dulci jubilo«
27.12.Dresdner Bläserweihnacht
Virtuose Blechbläsermusik aus vier Jahrhunderten

Further information

Please find additional information about our programme for the Year of Music 2017 HERE.