Spiritual Music on Sundays

The heart of church music is the proclamation of the glory of God. This function is experienced in a special way in spiritual music on Sundays. Taking place every other Sunday, the character of Sundays is reflected in each instance by the music and a motto. In addition there are readings, thoughts on the gospels, prayer requests and requests for blessings.

Guest ensembles, vocal and instrumental soloists and the choir of the Frauenkirche perform spiritual pieces which correspond to the baroque design of the Frauenkirche – High Baroque. We would like to offer you a varied mixture of solo cantatas, religious concerts, cantatas, and choir and instrumental music from different periods.

You are welcome to an hour of music and thoughts on Sunday afternoons.

Dates January to June 2017

05/03 | Invocavit| 3 p.m.  Works by Johann Sebastian Bach MORE

26/03 | Laetare3 p.m. Choral Music MORE
09/04 | Palm Sunday | 3 p.m. Joseph Haydn »Heiligenmesse« MORE
30/04 | Misericordias Domini3 p.m. Music for Trumpet and Organl MORE
14/05 | Kantate3 p.m. Wolfgang A. Mozart »Krönungsmesse« MORE
04/06 | Pentecost 4 p.m. Johann Sebastian Bach »Erschallet ihr Lieder« MORE
11/06 | Trinitaty | 3 p.m.  Works by Heinrich Schütz, Michael Praetorius a.o. MORE

Dates July to December 2017

02/07 | 3. Sunday after Trinitaty | 3 p.m. Works by Bach, Telemann u.a. MORE
16/07 | 5. Sunday after Trinitaty | 3 p.m.  Works by Bach, Mendelssohn Bartholdy u.a. MORE
13/08 | 9Sunday after Trinitaty | 3 p.m.  Baroque Music for Oboe and Organ MORE
27/08 | 11. Sunday after Trinitaty 3 p.m. Works by Verdi, Reger a.o.  MORE
10/09 | 13. Sunday after Trinitaty | 3 p.m.  Georg Melchior Hoffmann »Meine Seele rühmt und preist MORE
24/09 | 13. Sunday after Trinitaty | 4 p.m. Frauenkirchen-Bachtage MORE
01/10 | 16. Sunday after Trinitaty, Thanksgiving 4 p.m. Bachkantata MORE
29/10 | 20. Sunday after Trinitaty | 4 p.m. Jan Dismas Zelenka Kyrie und Gloria aus der Missa Votiva ZWV 18 MORE
26/11 | Eternity Sunday | 3 p.m. Works by Händel und Telemann MORE
03/12 | 1st Sunday in Advent | 3 p.m. Joseph Haydn »Große Orgelmesse« MORE
17/12 | 3rd Sunday in Advent | 3 p.m. Dances and motetts by Schütz, Praetorius a.o. MORE
26/12 | Boxing Day | 4 p.m.  Camille Saint-Saens Oratorio de Noel MORE