Maintaining the structure and filling it with life

The fascination of the Frauenkirche remains undiminished. The many people visiting the Frauenkirche every day would not be able to experience the church and learn of its message without the many thousands of donors who support our work. Thanks to this support the Frauenkirche Foundation Dresden can realise its aims of maintaining the building and using spiritual events, various kinds of tours and a unique music programme to convey and further develop its message of peace and reconciliation. The financial support we need reaches us through collections and donations in the offertory boxes and, above all, from our ongoing donor’s certificate campaigns.

Achieving something together – costs and expenses

Keeping up this complex building and holding the many events, often free of charge, comes at a high cost. In 2009 the maintenance and use of the Frauenkirche alone, plus running the spiritual events, cost well over a million euros. Every year, money has to be invested in the building structure. In 2006, for example, a refrigerant unit had to be installed to preserve the church's structure.  In 2007 the ventilation, cooling and heating units were adapted to cope with the extremely high usage rates due to the many thousands of visitors. Everyday costs for the use and maintenance of the building alone – such as electricity, heating, water, cleaning and safety – make up one third of facility management expenses.

A comparison of costs and expenses (diagram on right) shows that structural costs were cut extensively once reconstruction was complete, but the amount of donations dropped more rapidly in comparison. In the first half of 2010 costs of €679,000 came up against donations of €458,000, meaning that in the first six months of the year spending exceeded income from donations by one third. As the foundation does not receive funding from the state or outside sources, its work depends upon your support. Your donation or endowment to the Foundation’s funds will help conserve the Frauenkirche for future generations and fill it with life! Please continue your support and approach new Friends of the Frauenkirche to help us in our work!

Thank you very much!