A place of peace and reconciliation

Do feel invited to go on a search for traces of the past: discover that injuries leave scars but also that wounds can heal and that we all can dram hope from a new beginning.

Frauenkiche as symbol of reconciliation

The reconstruction of the Dresden Frauenkirche has made the church a global symbol of peace and reconciliation. Everyone is warmly invited to take in the message of this church – building bridges, living reconciliation, strengthening faith

Entering the main or lower church, or on the way to the Frauenkirche’s visitors’ platform, one becomes aware of gestures of reconciliation revealing the scars left by the healed wounds of destruction. Signs and symbols evoke the call for peace on Earth.

Become a part of a very special congregation!

The congregation of the Frauenkirche may be ever changing when you look at the attendees at specific points in time, but together all visitors are a part of a worldwide group of supporters and friends. So despite all efforts to establish a long-term programme for its peace and reconciliation work every event can stand for itself and thus has to be in accordance with the Frauenkirche's aims and messages. The main mission of the two Frauenkirche ministers is to pass on this message of peace and reconciliation in the various forms of peace work carried out during daily life at the Frauenkirche.

The Frauenkirche Dresden is also one of the world’s many Cross of Nails Centres. The Coventry Cross of Nails stands on the altar as a symbol of reconciliation and new beginnings.

Did you know that ...

there are several places in the rebuilt Frauenkirche where you can still spot signs of destruction? When you look at the big picture at the top you see little angels but the ones close to the altar were left the way they were. You can find more when you visit and dare a second view.