Discovering faith

Questions of faith are always very personal and deep. Contemplations of this kind require time and space. The Church of our Lady would like to offer two different occasions for you to take this opportunity.

The “Course in Religion for the Curious” is for all who have questions regarding God and the Christian faith - for those who are christened and those who are not, for people looking for a new way of faith or for support, for sceptics and for those who have distanced themselves from religion. The course takes place annually during Passiontide. After completing this course, the course participants can be baptized on the Eve of the Holy Saturday.

The “Walk-a-way: Spiritual Wandering” course is for people who are in the process of searching, who want to take time for themselves and are open to the possibility of uniting seemingly impossible differences: a course in faith and a holiday, being part of a group and yet finding time for oneself, searching for personal answers to questions of faith and the exchange with others. Those amongst us who have 10 days time, who enjoy following their own personal path but also wish for a sense of community and exchange of ideas will most certainly find what they are looking for. The course is offered twice during the summer months, once in Dresden and once in Kärnten, Austria.