Donate on a special occasion

Celebrations at home or at work or saying goodbye to someone – all occasions when collecting donations can be very appropriate. If you remember the Frauenkirche at times like these, you will be making a major contribution to the work and conserva-tion of the church. 

»Jubilate« How to celebrate with us

It would give us great pleasure if you decide to use your birthday celebration, wedding anniversary or a company festivity to ask your guests to donate to the Frauenkirche. We should be glad to assist you if required.

We can supply information and other material, thank your guests for their donations and send out donation certificates. We supply you with your personal transfer details so that the donations can be clearly linked to your celebration.

The collection of donations can of course also be coupled with the symbolic adoption of a stone, an organ pipe or a seat. A donor certificate can be issued. 

Condolence donations

The death of someone close to us leaves us shocked and grieving. The gratitude of the Frauenkirche Dresden Foundation is all the more heartfelt if support for our work is remembered in this difficult time.

If an appeal is made to donate to the Frauenkirche Dresden Foundation instead of a wreath or flowers, relatives receive a list of the condolence donors with details of the total sum. Donation certificates are sent directly to the individual donors.

We supply you with your personal transfer details so that the donations can be clearly identified. 

Your personal donor certificate on the occasion of a donation

As soon as the value of your donation collection exceeds 300 €, you will automatically receive a donor certificate and a dedicated stone or seat in the Frauenkirche.

The donation certificate will be issued in your name and to the total sum of the donations collected.

The Frauenkirche Foundation in Dresden also thanks you for your involvement in the conservation of the church with a photograph of the Frauenkirche by the photographer Prof Jörg Schöner and with your name being entered in the digital register of donors.