Donation or endowment?

Whether you opt for a straightforward funding contribution in the form of a donation or decide to support the work of the Frauenkirche Foundation in Dresden with a longer-term endowment – your involvement is vital to the current functioning, maintenance and preservation of the building and for the long-term conservation of this place of worship. 


By donating to the Frauenkirche Dresden Foundation, you are channelling funds to where they are most urgently needed: for the upkeep of the Frauenkirche and the vibrant life of this place of worship. 

Whatever you decide, you may rest assured that your contribution, regardless of the amount, is a vital element in preserving the Frauenkirche and supporting the many and varied aspects of its life. 

Every donation is documented with an endowment certificate which can be presented to the tax authorities. 

By making a one-off or ongoing donation to the work of the Foundation via the donation account of the Frauenkirche Dresden Foundation, or by using our online online donation tool for your contribution, or by organising a collection of donations, you will be helping transform the work of the Foundation into reality. 

Donation account:
Stiftung Frauenkirche Dresden
Commerzbank AG
IBAN DE60 8508 0000 0459 4885 00  


With an endowment –  a contribution to the capital of the Foundation – you will be demonstrating your support for the  work of the Frauenkirche Dresden Foundation by giving it your long-term backing. With this kind of contribution your capital remains as a permanent part of the Foundation’s own funds. This makes it possible for the Frauenkirche Dresden Foundation to pursue its non-profit objectives in the long term utilising the proceeds from the Foundation’s capital.  

The law treats endowments favourably and their tax deductibility exceeds that of normal donations.  As from 2009. donations and endowments up to a total of one million euros to non-profit foundations can be claimed as special expenditure above and beyond any other financial contributions (Foundation Support Act – StiftFöG). 

If you make an endowment you will receive a donation certificate documenting the endowment.