You can support the Frauenkirche Foundation with a donation or through an endowment contribution. MORE

The upkeep of this wonderful church building and the shaping of all the life within are challenging tasks. You can help us doing this. MORE

A special way to donate is to "adopt" your personal stone or a seat of the Frauenkirche. MORE

You can raise money and invite family members, friends or colleagues to donte on the occasion of a special celebration or jubilee. MORE

Without the donation efforts of hundreds of thousands of donors the reconstruction of the Frauenkirche Dresden would not have been possible. MORE

Christine Countess von Kageneck, commercial manager of the Frauenkirche Foundation in Dresden on the challenges for the future. MORE

A lot of money is needed day by day to properly maintain the baroque style building and to fill it with life. MORE

By including the Frauenkirche Dresden Foundation in your last will you can supporrt the good cause even after you are gone. MORE