Remembering the reconstruction

In order to honor those who supported the reconstruction of the Frauenkirche a small exhibition area was created.

Looking back with thankfulness

The reconstruction was only possible because so many people from all over the world took notice and action, spread the word and donated money this room keeps the memory alive. So this exhibition helps to explain what was left after the destruction of the church, what was was necessary in order to start the rebuilding process and raise the money needed.

Three thematic parts

Thus, the exhibition has three parts: authentic exhibits such as original documents and finds from the archeological rubble clearing tell the story of the destruction of the church. Photographs and sketches line out the process from the "Appeal from Dresden" when the reconstruction idea was made public until the consecration of the church in 2005. Finally, a computer makes it possible to search for names of supporters quickly and easily.


The exhibition aear is located at the basement level of the Frauenkirche. You can access from the inside of the church only via door F.

The exhibition can be visited during Open Church hours. Admission is free.