Guidelines for the foundation´s work

An assignment for the reconstruction of the historical design of the building

Until reconstruction was completed, the most important task of the the Church of our Lady Foundation in Dresden was to ensure that the structural reconstruction of the church closely reflects the design of its architect George Bähr. The reconstruction of the church should be according to the guidelines agreed on by the board of trustees of the Church of our Lady Foundation in their constitutional meeting on the 12th January 1995 ...

  • to use the historical substance of the building as far as possible   
  • to closely imitate the original plans of its architect George Bähr
  • to take into consideration the principles of master builder valid both at that time and in the present day
  • to employ modern knowledge of structural design, construction physics and technology
  • in accordance with the principles of archaeological reconstruction

An assignment to organise life within the church

Since completion of the reconstruction work, the foundation´s emphasis has moved towards using the church for charitable and religious purposes as well as its preservation. According to the statute, when using the reconstructed Church of our Lady ...

  • consideration should be made of its historical function as a House of God and therefore events should focus on church services and church music.
  • as appropriate to its total destruction, commemoration of the victims and suffering should find a worthy sacred site, particularly in the lower rooms of the church
  • opportunities should be given to the performance of art, especially music, according to its importance as an architectural work of art of the highest level
  • a meeting place should be created where lectures, gatherings and symposia can take place
  • the opportunity should be provided for everyone to visit the fantastic baroque interior and to walk up within the dome as far as the lantern to look at the view of the reconstructed city
  • function-bound areas in the underground exterior part of the church building should be used as far as planning allows
  • according to the building concept followed thus far, all statutory possibilities remain open
  • the spirit and dignity of the church should be preserved at all times

The Church of our Lady Foundation feels a strong obligation to fulfil this assignment and puts all its efforts into this cause.