Almost too incredible to believe: the fantastic support for the reconstruction

It was only possible to reconstruct the Frauenkirche because people from all over the world were prepared, selflessly, to contribute with a donation. When construction began no-one could have imagined how many donors would come forward and how much the final sum would be:

By the time the Frauenkirche was consecrated on 30 October 2005, €100 million had been donated. Two thirds (some €70 million) came from the joint donor’s certificate campaign run by the Frauenkirche Foundation and Dresdner Bank. One third (roughly €31 million) was brought in by theSociety to Support the Reconstruction of the Dresden Frauenkirche. This surpassed by far the original aim of financing half of the reconstruction from donations.

But even the impressive figure of €100 million paints an incomplete picture of the work done to support the rebuilding of the Frauenkirche. A large number of contributions in kind – provided free of charge or at a major reduction – and the immeasurable extent of voluntary work were never entered on any donation accounts, but were indispensable to the success of the project as a whole. One aspect which requires special mention in this context is the work of the Friends groups in Germany and abroad. They made a considerable contribution to the amount donated with numerous donation campaigns and charity events. 

Yet the rebuilding would equally have been unthinkable without public funding. The federal government, the Free State of Saxony and the City of Dresden supported the construction by providing funding of €70 million in all.

We would like to extend our most heartfelt thanks to all donors. You have helped make the Miracle of Dresden come true.

Donation related facts

Total building costs
182,6 Mio EUR

Net building costs

(without preparations, taxes etc.) 131,1 Mio EUR

financed by:

  • public funds
    70,0 Mio EUR (38%)
  • private sources (donations, gifts, contributions, testaments)
    102,8 Mio EUR (56%)
  • operative results    
    9,8 Mio EUR (5%)