Profile of the Church of our Lady in Dresden

The Church of our Lady remains a sacred place despite the great diversity of activities on offer. It is an Evangelical-Lutheran church and as such, with its sense of ecumenical openness, invites you to experience the Christian faith, whether through the experience of being present in the church, by attending church and prayer services, through music or by listening to lectures and readings.

Warning and encouraging

In the light of the injuries received during the war, largely still visible for all to see, the reconstructed Church of our Lady in Dresden issues a warning, but at the same time also announces the power of a new beginning and of peace. The aspects of remembering, reconciliation and peace create the backdrop and atmosphere for the daily life within the Church of our Lady. As part of the Church of the Cross community, the Church of our Lady feels a strong obligation to tend the special relationship to Coventry Cathedral and its reconciliation, as well as to cooperate with the other Church of the Cross communities both at home and abroad.

An open church

The Church of our Lady in Dresden does not have its own community, but rather forms temporary communities according to the activities offered. The programme has been designed to this purpose. There are, of course, thematically linked blocks of events such as a series of sermons, musical cycles or a series of lectures, but each event can still be visited independently. However, it is important that every event should fit into the overall concept of the Church of our Lady.

Taking a look at the big picture

Life within the Church of our Lady should comprise a variety of different events all linked within an integrative concept. Consideration should always be give as to what fits into the overall picture of this baroque building and to the possibilities it offers. This naturally means that not everything which is wished for can actually be put into practice. The Church of our Lady Foundation is responsible for maintaining the sacred character of the church.