Mourning for Countess Kageneck

„Our God is for us a God of salvation; his are the ways out of death“ 

Psalm 68,21

The Frauenkirche Dresden Foundation mourns the loss of its longstanding Financial Officer Christine Gräfin von Kageneck (7th of April 1949 - 1st October 2018).

We are exceedingly grateful for her alert mind and her entrepreneurial drive as well as for her passion and committment for our foundation and the Frauenkirche Dresden.

Due to her visionary management, Christine Gräfin von Kageneck helped to strengthen the financial base underlying  the foundation and the life in the church after the reconstruction. She managed to develop institutional structures lending force to the Frauenkirche as an open house of God with manifold spiritual and cultural activities. Her duty within the foundation often came before her personal interest. She drew strength from the music in the church, which mattered truly to her.

Her sudden death after a brief and serious illness saddens us. We will miss Christine Gräfin von Kageneck, honour her memory, and include her in our intercessory prayer. May she, out of death, live in God‘s everlasting peace.

Our deepest sympathy goes out to her family and to all who join us in mourning.

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