Go on a virtual tour through the Frauenkirche

Even if you are far away from Dresden you can still visit the Frauenkirche! A 360° panorama allows you to look around in the nave and the lower church when ever you feel like it. You can even access places most people will not be able to get to when visiting the church like the organ gallery above the altar. You can also choose whether you whish to explore the church during daytime or at night. Be our guest!

Give it a go!

jump back to the previous navigation spot
By pressing this button you can move back to the previous part of the panorama.

show/hide photo gallery
You can move to certain places in the church via photos presented at the bottom of the page.

show/hide ground plan
Maps of the nave and lower church show you where you are but may just as well be hidden.

switch on/off hotspots
In order to help you find your way through the church several places where marked with arrows.

move the panorama 
You can turn to the right and to the left just as you can look up and down using these arrows. 

Zoom in and out
You can increase or decrease what you see on the web page to a certain extent.

to full screen mode and back
If the picture below is too small for you press the arrow icon to enlarge it.

hide menu bar
If you would rather use the panorama without the menu bar press here to hide it.

jump to the next navigation spot
You can move straight forward to the next place in the church.