Place of faith

The Church of our Lady is a house open to God and the people and warmly invites you to attend church and prayer services.

Church services

The regular main church service takes place on Sundays at 11 a.m. and is generally accompanied by vocal church music. Once a month, Holy Communion is celebrated and likewise once a month christenings are held within the church service. The evening service begins at 6 p.m. on Sundays and is characterized by a themetic series of sermons. Instrumental church music fills the air. Once a month, it is held in English as an Anglican Evening Prayer service. On Christian festivals and other special occasions, the Church of our Lady offers you the chance to attend services and other religious events, for example, a New Year´s service, an Easter Eve service or mourners´memorial service. 

Prayer services

The Bell of Peace strikes calling us to pause for a moment and pray for peace in the world, and marks the beginning of the midday organ prayer service. From Monday to Saturday at 12 noon, the church comes alive with organ music, recital of the psalms, songs and the Word of God. The reconciliation prayer from Coventry is spoken during the prayer service on Friday afternoon. Evening prayer is celebrated on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and on Friday at 6pm. At the end of every midday and evening service, a church guide explains the history, architecture and iconography of the Church of our Lady from the pulpit. 

Following the tradition of the peace prayers, which also took place during the reconstruction of the church, every Thursday at 6pm groups of Christians from throughout the town organize the Ecumenical Evening Prayer service in the Lower Church. 

During the summer months, the pastors from the Church of our Lady invite you on a monthly basis to take part in Morning Prayer services on the viewing balcony early on a Saturday. Between heaven and earth and with a musical backdrop, you can welcome the new day. Those eager to take part have to be up bright and early as the meeting point at entrance G of the Church of our Lady at 6am. (Please see calendar of events for dates).

At a glance

Sun 11 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Anglican Services
Sun 6 p.m.*

Devotions (with guided tour of the church)
Mon to Sat 12 a.m.
Mon to Wed, Fri 6 p.m.

Ecumenical evening prayer
Thu 6 p.m.

Morning prayer on the viewing platform
Sat 6 a.m.**

* selected dates, see calendar of events.
** once a month from May until September


Every other week the Frauenkirche invites to Spiritual Music on Sundays in the afternoon (3 p.m.). There you can hear music written for the respective time in the church year. ... MORE