Services for guests with special needs

The Frauenkirche is open to all people. People with disabilities are especially welcome. In preparation for your visit, please take note of the following advice:  

General Information  

  • Severely handicapped guests are preferentially admitted via entrance A. 
  • We offer people with disabilities and one companion a 50% discount on concert tickets (for wheelchair users on designated seats in the nave only). 

Guests with mobility disabilities

  • Parking places for wheelchair users are located on the Neumarkt close to the Kunstakademie and near to the Frauenkirche. 
  • You can access the church using the lift at entrance A. Please use the bell there if necessary. There is an access ramp in the church over which you can enter the nave. 
  • Unfortunately, access to the galleries and the dome can not be provided. Much to our regret we must inform our guests with mobility disabilities that no statutory approval was made to allow wheelchairs in the Lower Church.
  • We request that groups with several wheelchair users inform the visitor service, and if necessary to book an appointment. 
  • Please understand that as a result of a lack of space no more than 15 wheelchair users can be accommodated at events. 

Guests with hearing difficulties

  • We recommend that those who are hard of hearing sit in the nave for services, devotions, lectures and readings, because this is furnished with an induction loop. 
  • It is possible on request, for a group to take a guided tour in sign language. Please approach the visitor service for this.

Guest with visual handicaps

  • Blind people are permitted to enter the main church area accompanied by their guide dog. 
  • Unfortunately, access to the galleries and the dome is not possible.
    • People with photosensitive epilepsy
    • We recommend that guests who are highly sensitive to light stimuli choose to sit in the nave, as on the galleries lights are used that flicker slightly.