What is your donation needed and used for?

This funding concept for a church is unique in Germany. The statutes of the Frauenkirche Foundation decree that both the maintenance of the building structure and the activities of the newly constructed church shall be financed primarily by donations and returns from the Foundation capital. 

300 € per day are required for the legally prescribed maintenance and surveying work alone. A daily average sum of 1700 € is needed for the preservation work on the building. To this can be added approx. 550 € per day for electricity, district heating and water, plus 450 € for infrastructure services such as cleaning work.

Over the past years it has been possible to finance the following necessary investments in the building by means of donations: 

yearlyOne week’s closure in January for repair and maintenance work including touch-up work to the seating and wall paint
2016Maintenance of the lighting in the inner dome, refitting of a radiator in the base of the dome, intensive care of the floor at the front of the nave 
2015Repair and renewal of fire protection enclosures resulting from expired fire protection permits
2014Repair or renewal of electronic equipment such as the main light control computer, migration of the building management system to the next product generation
2013Repairs to the pigeon deterrents, installation of two new electronic canals from the spiral ramp to the building control system
2012Inspection of external facade using boom lifts, constructural improvement of rim locks after considerable wear and tear
2011Lowering of energy costs by installation of LED technology in the main area, inspection of external facade using boom lifts
2010Alterations to plaster base and installation of heat tracing in stair tower rooms A and G, refitting of additional loudspeakers
2009Lowering of energy costs by installation of LED technology in staircases, inspection of external facade using boom lifts 
2008Inspection of external facade using boom lifts
2007Adaptation of ventilation, cooling and heating systems to demands of intense usage, inspection of external facade with boom lifts
2006Installation of cooling system to preserve the structural and historic heritage of the church

By the way ...

All donations are used for the upkeep of the buidling and the ideational parts of the life within the Frauenkirche only. Donations are not used for staging concerts despite the fact that the Frauenkirche – unlike most other concert halls – cannot rely on any public funding.