Welcome to the Frauenkirche!

The Frauenkirche welcomes all guests who wish to enjoy the beauty of the building and who would like to receive the message of the church. You are most welcome to come in.

Admission during Open Church hours is free. However, we would be grateful if you could contribute a donation for the upkeep of the church.   

The Frauenkirche has seven entrances each distinguished by letters of the alphabet above the door. The different entrances are relevant, depending upon which offer of the Frauenkirche you take advantage of. Generally, access to the nave is gained via Entrance D.  

We would like to remind you politely that:  

  • taking photographs or films is not permitted,
  • mobile phones, tablet pcs etc. shall be switched off,
  • eating and smoking are prohibited and
  • animals must wait outside. 

You can find here how to get to the Frauenkirche
Additional information for guests with handicaps can be found here.