Choir of the Frauenkirche

Many voices, one sound: The Choir of the Frauenkirche fascinates with its unity and great expressiveness. Warmth, intensity, and precision characterize the ensemble, which has dedicated itself from the beginning to the great sacred choral works of the 19th century. Performances of the Requiem by Fauré, Draeseke and Brahms, the mass settings by Bach, Haydn, Mozart and Gounod as well as the oratorios by Mendelssohn, Bruckner and Elgar leave no audience unaffected.

Thanks to the continuous leadership by Frauenkirche cantor Matthias Grünert, the choir, which has also had many years of artistic partnerships with the Philharmonic Orchestra Altenburg-Gera, the Robert-Schumann-Philharmonie Chemnitz and the Chursächsische Philharmonie Bad Elster, the choir is firmly established in the rich Dresden choral scene. The choir is incredibly popular: The tickets for the choir's popular Advent songs sell out quickly every year.

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Interested high-performing singers are welcome to contact us and audition. Previous experience with choirs, knowledge of scores, and a few free dates in the calendar are desirable. You are welcome to get an idea of ​​the large choir in one of the choir rehearsals.

In addition, there are project-related opportunities to participate, such as the “Bach cantata to sing along” for motivated choir singers who cannot join the choir on a regular basis.

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