The Forum Frauenkirche

The lecture series “Forum Frauenkirche” takes a closer look at current processes of social change. Experts from science, politics, and business have their say, as well as citizens from different age groups. Together they discuss their views of the cross-generational questions, to what extent processes of change have concrete effects, how we want to deal with them, and where we have to take responsibility. This is also the aim of the key rhetorical question this year:

2022 Annual Theme
»... apart all others«
Speaking in defence of democracy

We live in turbulent times. More and more often social minorities are fighting for equal rights, the public discourse is becoming increasingly diverse. Some call it a “society of singularities” (Andreas Reckwitz). At the same time, people feel unsettled by this increasingly visible diversity. As a result of the dynamism of a wide range of change processes – not least exacerbated by the pandemic – there are signs of radicalization tendencies in politics and in societies worldwide. Nationalist and racist currents are increasing, a general consensus of behavior committed to ethical principles is eroding to the point of undermining democracy, which is obviously in a crisis. This needs to be addressed. The Frauenkirche Dresden will encourage this discussion.

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Place of Discussion

Especially in Dresden, particularly in the middle of the city – in the Frauenkirche – we see it as our constant task to discuss pressing questions of human cooperation, in order to demonstrate the path towards understanding and a mindful and compassionate life. In the search for steps toward a successful coexistence of people, populations, and religions in one world, we want to start a conversation: for a peaceful everyday life and a peaceful future.