In the Frauenkirche, children and adults can receive the sacrament of baptism and thus be accepted into the Christian church.


Children as well as adults can be baptized. While adults can do this independently, parents or guardians decide for infants and children under fourteen years of age, whereby at least one parent should be a member of the Protestant church.


For child baptisms, a minimum of two and a maximum of six godparents must be named. Becoming a godparent is linked to membership in a Christian church. At least half of the godparents should belong to the Protestant church. Attending a baptism preparation course is required before young people and adults are baptized.

Baptismal Services

Special baptismal services usually take place once a month (Sun 15:00). In addition, there is the possibility of baptism in selected main worship services (Sun 11:00). Adult baptism services take place during a special service on Easter Vigil after the candidates for baptism have taken part in a preparation course.

Choose An Appointment

Please contact the church office and indicate your preferred period for the baptism. If a baptism is possible, you will receive a written appointment proposal for further coordination.


To register a child baptism, a copy of the child's birth certificate is first required. The parents must also first contact the parish to which they belong. There they express the wish to have their child/ren baptized in the Frauenkirche. If the home parish agrees to this request, it issues a so-called dimissorial. This is also attached to the registration. Godparents must have a certificate issued by their home parish.


There is no fee for a baptism in the Frauenkirche.

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