Time to Talk

The Frauenkirche is available to everyone who is searching for a conversation about personal beliefs and life questions. Members of our pastoral care team are available for a confidential conversation within the church. Generally, they can be found on weekdays between 14:00 and 16:00 inside the main church room. They are qualified for these responsibilities and swear to secrecy.

Do approach them and take a seat off to the side in the chairs. In the baptistery, it is possible to speak undisturbed or to get advice. If desired, the conversation can lead to prayer and blessings or to confession.

Advice & information

For pastotal care, please use the options mentioned above.
If you seek general advice please contact:
CHURCH OFFICE of the Frauenkirche Dresden
Tel. +49 351 656 06 530
E-Mail: pfarrbuero@frauenkirche-dresden.de