TOGETHER: Music with meaning and spirit

The combination of sound, message and space characterizes the music program of the Frauenkirche. With more than 100 events every year, it spans the spectrum from Bach to Bernstein, Schütz to Schönberg, Praetorius to Pärt.

Old and new, depth and height, break and continuity are combined in the Frauenkirche. The tension between these poles allows us to experience every piece of music in a new and different way, because some things resonate differently here. We are looking forward to a rich and varied concert program in 2022, which will create encounters and solidarity: because music brings people closer together, removes boundaries and touches.


Program booklet 2022

A general overview of the music program for 2022 offers the annual brochure »Musik 2022«. Browse through the more than 120 offers and be inspired!

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