Unique commitment

More than 400 people support the Frauenkirche Dresden in an honorary capacity. Whether as choir singers, church guides, lectors, communion assistants, chaplains, admissions assistants or club members - without the great commitment of these volunteers it would not be possible to shape such a diverse life in the Frauenkirche on a daily basis.

In all honors

Approximately 60 church guides are active in the Frauenkirche Dresden. With in-depth knowledge of historical, art historical and spiritual topics, they answer spontaneous questions in the church and supervise group tours. For this purpose, they are on duty at least once a week for half a day. We will gladly inform you about the possibilities of participation.


Head of Education | Visitor Services
phone + 49 351 656 06 540
e-mail ahaese@frauenkirche-dresden.de

More than 100 singers are involved in the two choirs of the Frauenkirche Dresden. They play a major role in shaping the sound of the Frauenkirche and are also sound ambassadors. Rehearsals take place once a week, and at least once a month a choir participates in a church service. In addition, there are concerts, Sunday music and special projects. New members are always welcome!


Cantor of the Frauenkirche

phone + 49 351 656 06 535
e-mail kantor@frauenkirche-dresden.de

To ensure that all visitors to the church services of the Frauenkirche feel welcome, numerous volunteers are on hand. They greet people at the door, hand out program notes and provide information. Other volunteers assist with the distribution of the Lord's Supper. Lectors are responsible for the readings during the service.The team welcomes new staff members!


Assistance Spiritual Life / Church Office
phone + 49 351 656 06 530
e-mail pfarrbuero@frauenkirche-dresden.de

A small team of pastoral carers is available for visitors who are looking for a confidential conversation about personal questions of faith and life. Several times a week, during Open Church hours between 2 and 4 pm, these volunteers can be found in the nave. If you would like to be involved, please contact us.


Pastor of the Frauenkirche
phone       + 49 351 656 06 530
e-mail pfarrbuerofrauenkirche-dresden.de

More than 60 admission assistants welcome visitors to events at the Frauenkirche in a friendly and approachable manner. They show guests the way, hand out program slips and collect them again at the end. If you would like to join the team, please let us know!


Assistance Spiritual Life / Church Office
phone + 49 351 656 06 530
e-mail pfarrbuero@frauenkirche-dresden.de

The Society for the Promotion of the Frauenkirche Dresden e. V. supports the Frauenkirche Dresden Foundation in many projects. Especially in the preparation and implementation of events such as the annual commemoration on February 13 or the Christmas Vespers, numerous people are actively supporting. We are happy to inform you about forms of participation.


Society for the Promotion of the Frauenkirche Dresden e.V.
Member Services | Events | Secretariat
phone + 49 351 656 06 600
e-mail office@frauenkirche-dresden.org

Over 100 volunteers sing in the choir and chamber choir of the Frauenkirche.
The repertoire is broad and is practised in weekly rehearsals.
Highlights of the choir's work are the appearances in church services and concerts.
Volunteers also help with entry and exit at services and devotions.
They have a kind word for everyone and collect donations at the exit.
The team of church guides provides the guests with a lot of interesting information.
They explain the church to guests on the galleries but are also hosts in the nave.
After the daily devotions, church guides organize the central tour of the church.
Groups of children receive guided tours specially tailored to them free of charge.

Maria Noth, Managing Director Frauenkirche Dresden Foundation

Our wonderful community of volunteers turns the Frauenkirche into a place of all, with all and for all. Many heartfelt thanks!

Participate? With a pleasure!

Church office of the Frauenkirche Dresden
phone +49 351 656 06 530
e-mail pfarrbuero@frauenkirche-dresden.de
Alternatively, you can also use the contact details mentioned above.