According to the statutes of the Frauenkirche Foundation there are three supervising bodies: the Board of Trustees, the Foundation Board  and the Board of Managing Directors.

The Board of Trustees decides general matters of the Frauenkirche Dresden Foundation. It consists of six so-called born members and up to nine appointed members. People who rendered outstanding services to the Frauenkirche can be appointed as honorary trustees. Born Head of the Board of Trustees is the Bishop of the Lutheran Church of Saxony.

The following personalities are members of the Foundation's Board of Trustees:

Born Trustees

  • Landesbischof Tobias Bilz
    Bishop of the Lutheran Church of Saxony
    Head of the Board of Trustees
  • Hans-Peter Vollbach
    President of the Evangelical Lutheran Regional Church Office of Saxony
  • Olaf Scholz
    Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany
  • Michael Kretschmer
    Prime Minister of the Free State of Saxony
  • Christian Behr
    Superintendent of the Dresden Mitte Church District of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Saxony
  • Dirk Hilbert
    Lord Mayor of the State Capital Dresden

Nominated Trustees

  • Dr. Thomas Bellut
  • Léontine Meijer-van Mensch
  • Klaus Rosenfeld
  • Prof. Dr. jur. Ulrich Reuter
  • Hon.-Prof. Dr. Dirk Syndram

Honorary Trustees

  • Ingrid Biedenkopf
  • Jochen Bohl Retired regional bishop
  • Dr.-Ing. E. h. Eberhard Burger Retired church building councillor
    Prof. Dr. Manfred Fischer
  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Glaser
    Prof. Ludwig Güttler Honorary Chairman of the Board Society for the Promotion of the Frauenkirche Dresden e. V.
  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. E.h. Hans-Olaf Henkel
  • Volker Kreß Retired regional bishop
  • Dr. h. c. Dipl.-Kfm. Isolde Liebherr
  • Hartmut Rau Retired superintendent
  • Gerhard Schröder Former German Chancellor
  • Dr. h.c. Nikolaus Schweickart
  • Dr. Herbert Wagner Former Lord Mayor of the State Capital Dresden
  • Dr. Heinz Wissenbach
  • Dieter Zuber


  • Prof. Dr. Kurt Biedenkopf †
  • Dr. Wolfgang Bühler
  • Dr. h. c. Steffen Heitmann
  • Dr. Johannes Hempel †
  • Prof. Dr. Roman Herzog †
  • Hans-Dieter Hofmann †
  • Dr. Helmut Kohl †
  • Johannes Rau †
  • Dr. Alan Keith Russel †
  • Jürgen Sarrazin †
  • Prof. Dr. h.c. Dieter Stolte †
  • Dr. Hans-Jochen Vogel †
  • Dr. Richard von Weizsäcker †

The Foundation Board of the Frauenkirche Dresden Foundation monitors the work of the Foundation. Its function can be compared to a board of directors or supervisory board in private companies. The Board has to give consent to all general decisions taken. The guidelines to the fulfillment of the Frauenkirche Foundation's mission was passed by the Board. Today, it monitors the Managing Board's financing or recruiting plans. The Foundation Board consists of three members who were named by the Founders of the Frauenkirche Dresden (the Lutheran Church of Saxony, the Free State of Saxony and the City of Dresden) and three members who were delegated by the Board of Trustees. All these members elect the members of the Foundation Board.

Members of the Foundation Board are:

  • Joachim Hoof, Chairman of the Foundation Board
    Chairman of the Board of Ostsächsische Sparkasse Dresden
  • Dr. Matthias Rößler, Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees
    President of the Saxon Parliament
  • Annekatrin Klepsch
    Deputy Mayor for Culture and Tourism of the State Capital Dresden
  • Klaus Schurig
    Lutheran Church of Saxony
  • Martina de Maizière
    Member of the Board of the Foundation Art and Music for Dresden
  • RA Otto Stolberg-Stolberg
    Chairman of the Society for the Promotion of the Frauenkirche Dresden e. V.

The Managing Board conducts the day-to-day business and represents the Frauenkirche Dresden Foundation. The members of the management board are appointed by the foundation board.

Pastor Markus Engelhardt
Managing Director of the Frauenkirche Dresden Foundation

Markus Engelhardt has served on the foundation's management board since 2021. Prior to that, he served as city dean in Freiburg for almost 14 years. In this position, he had to implement far-reaching structural reforms and take political responsibility for a considerable budget volume. These processes familiarized him with systemic organizational work and with ecclesiastical-economic issues. Markus Engelhardt gained experience as a parish pastor during his 10 years as pastor of St. Paul's parish in Constance on Lake Constance. He is married to a pastor and comes from a family of theologians.

Maria Noth
Managing Director of the Frauenkirche Foundation Dresden

Maria Noth joined the foundation's management team in 2019. Prior to that, she was responsible for the foundation management and cultural sponsoring activities of Ostsächsische Sparkasse Dresden for many years. Maria Noth studied cultural studies and management, American studies, and Jewish studies at Brown University, the University of Leipzig, and Brandeis University. She has worked on the reconstruction of cultural memories and identities, for example with a view to material culture and religion. Maria Noth is a certified foundation manager (Frankfurt School of Finance and Management). In her work, she combines perspectives from business administration with those from the humanities and social sciences. She grew up as the daughter of a Lutheran pastor in Saxony.