Patronages and Gifts

Become a patron of a stone, a seat or an organ pipe!

Stone patronage

During the reconstruction, thousands of facade stones found godmothers and godfathers. Since life has returned to the church, stones inside can be symbolically adopted. Show your attachment to the Frauenkirche by adopting one of the 5,185 stones of the vaulted ceilings and the galleries of the lower church.

Adopt a stone

Your seat in the Frauenkirche

Sitting in the church hall of the Frauenkirche and knowing that a seat has your name on it, or that of someone close to you, is a special feeling. With a seat sponsorship, that is exactly what is possible. A brass plaque identifies the sponsor(s) and testifies to the lasting support given to the work of the Frauenkirche.

Take a seat

A sonorous sponsorship

The organ of the Frauenkirche has 4,876 pipes. This impressive instrument is beautiful in sound and versatile. By adopting an organ pipe as a donation or endowment, you help to maintain and preserve the instrument - a valuable contribution to preserving the sound of the Frauenkirche for future generations.

Adopt a pipe

A thank you from the heart

As a special thank you for your support of the Frauenkirche, we dedicate a stone, organ pipe, or Frauenkirche seat to you. Give your family or friends something special by dedicating a stone, seat or organ pipe to them.

You will receive:

  • a letter of donation
  • a map of the location of your stone/seat/organ pipe
  • an entry in the Book of Donors (subject to your approval)
  • three issues of our magazine »Leben in der Frauenkirche« (Life in the Frauenkirche | in German)

When you dedicate a seat, you will also receive a personalized brass plaque at »your« seat as well as a copy of the plaque for you to take home.


Thank you for your donation

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