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The Dresden Frauenkirche Foundation publishes a range of information materials that provide information about life in the church and the building. A selection of the brochures and flyers provided free of charge can be viewed and downloaded here. Please note that this material is mainly in German.

Reverend Markus Engelhardt, Managing Director
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Reverend Angelika Behnke
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Maria Noth, Managing Director
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Daniel Hope, Artistic Director
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Matthias Grünert, Cantor of the Frauenkirche
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The Frauenkirche Dresden Foundation was established in 1994 by the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Saxony, the Free State of Saxony and the state capital Dresden. Until the completion of the reconstruction of the Frauenkirche, its main task was the reconstruction of the historic building; since 2005, the Stiftung Frauenkirche Dresden has been responsible for shaping life in the church and preserving the church building. This mission is anchored in the foundation's statutes. In doing so, the Frauenkirche Dresden Foundation relies on diverse support from donors. The foundation is committed to the unconditional preservation of the basic assets in perpetuity.

The Frauenkirche Dresden is a citizens' church: in its message, its self-image and its structure. It thus continues the tradition in which it was built in the 18th century by Protestant Christians in the city of Dresden. The fact that the legal form of a non-profit foundation was chosen for its sponsorship is unique in Germany. It sets an example for participative cooperation and civic engagement. The Frauenkirche Dresden Foundation can thus act independently in the service of the community. It belongs to no one but itself or to all those who actively contribute within the framework of the foundation's defined purposes.

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The Frauenkirche Dresden Foundation makes the following photographs available for free use*. To download the printable files, please click on the desired image.

* Conditions of use: The image material is made available for private, non-commercial purposes or for specific advertising of Frauenkirchen offers (e.g. travel announcements, concert visits, etc.). Any other use, especially commercial use, is not permitted. In the case of publications in print products or on the Internet, the name of the photographer and the Frauenkirche Dresden Foundation must be named as the rights holder. The image material may not be alienated or edited (except for a crop).