Peace Forum

With the peace forum, the Frauenkirche Dresden Foundation wants to offer a space in which questions about peace and conflict can be asked and answered, in which people can exchange ideas and opinions and inspire each other with their different perspectives.

Under the stone dome of the Frauenkirche, conflicts can be constructively negotiated and discussed without fear. Like no other place, the Frauenkirche stands for the fact that we can reconcile, and that peace is possible - it is in our hands.

Andreas Dieterich

The peace forum offers a space for different views so that we learn to appreciate and to tolerate, and to work together constructively through conflicts.

Exchange at eye level

Participants can reflect on current questions about peace and conflict and exchange ideas. In various participatory formats, we want to bring together member of all generations and work together on a peaceful future.

The formats should appeal to the broadest possible audience and invite everyone to deal with the topic of peace and reconciliation. One focus is on cooperation with young people and the dialogue between generations.

Annual Theme »European Union Peace Project«

Every year the peace forum has a different focus. Different formats aimed at young and old, different perspectives and opposing positions, participatory methods that allow people to have their say – all of this leads to a comprehensive consideration of the topic.

2022 will be the 10th anniversary of the Nobel Peace Prize for the European Union. Would the EU receive the Nobel Peace Prize again today? What would have to change for this, what would it take for that? What developments stand in the way of this? Let us investigate these questions together and think further about a peaceful Europe.

The topic is particularly suitable for the Frauenkirche. As a place in Europe where Eastern and Western Europe can come together and as a symbol of reconciliation, the Frauenkirche can bring different perspectives together and offer a place for meaningful dialogue.

Create Spaces

Actively support the peace and reconciliation work with your donation! Create space for dialogue, enable people to contribute their perspective, and bring future generations closer to the meaning of peace and reconciliation.

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