Remembering Reconstruction

In order to remember the time that the Frauenkirche lay in ruins and to depict the stages of reconstruction, a small exhibition was created. It also highlights the commitment of the donors, sponsors, and preservationists.

Three Thematic Focuses

The exhibition is divided into three thematic areas that need to be emphasized: Original documents and findings recount the destruction of the church as a result of the bombing of Dresden and the efforts to rebuild it. Selected exhibits, blueprints, drawings, and photos highlight the phases of the creative process during the reconstruction from the first initiatives to the consecration in October 2005. A special concern for us is the proper appreciation of the overwhelming civic engagement: In the third part of the exhibition, a digital donation register provides an insight into the large number of donors.

Appreciation and Thanks

Thanks to the hundreds of thousands of people, who helped finance the reconstruction or supported in non-material ways around the world and those who have taken part in the Frauenkirche since its consecration, the aim of the foundation’s work “Building Bridges - Living Reconciliation - Strengthening Faith” can be lived and experienced. A central concern of the exhibition space of the Frauenkirche is the appreciation of those who have campaigned for the reconstruction and preservation of the church in various ways or are continuing to do so.


The exhibition is located in the basement of the church.
Admission can be obtained from the inside only near entrance F
during Open Church times.

Free admissions,
donations welcome