The reconstruction of the Frauenkirche Dresden

A huge mountain of rubble was all that was left of the Frauenkirche at the end of the Second World War. Nevertheless, many people carried the wish in their hearts to see the church rebuilt one day. Still, a full 60 years passed before the Frauenkirche could once again open its doors to the people in 2005 in its full baroque beauty. This was preceded by a reconstruction financed by donations, which received support from Germany and abroad and became a sign of the togetherness of East and West Germany, the reconciliation of peoples and European unification.

Stages of a centennial project


Artistic interior design; completion of work on the altar. Installation of the pews and the organ. Completion of all work on October 20.


Completion of the stone construction, attachment of the lantern roof. Art work at the inner dome, completion of the organ prospect.


Completion of the stone dome; construction of the lantern. Installation of the bells and first ringing. Extensive interior work.


The »stone bell« arises. A trial axis shows the interior color scheme.


Completion of the inner dome, integration of the historic 95-ton »butterfly« into the stair tower D.


Handover of the tower cross. The exterior masonry reaches 28 meters; the cornice as the base of the interior dome is created.


Facade and stair towers reach 24 meters; five galleries are created. Formwork for arches and vaults is created.


The church grows to the height of the large church windows; integration of the historic west gable.


The exterior masonry grows to over 15 meters; work begins on the interior pillars.


The first entrance portal is built; completion and consecration of the lower church.


Renovation of the historical cellars (later lower church); construction of an external structure for technical equipment.


Laying of the first stone; the reconstruction begins.


Removal of the ruins; mapping, recovery and cataloging of all finds.


Decision by the city of Dresden to provide financial and non-material support; creation of basic structural requirements.


Synod resolution of the regional church to join a reconstruction foundation.


»Appeal from Dresden« calls for a historically faithful reconstruction financed by donations.


Founding of a citizens' initiative for the reconstruction of the Frauenkirche in Dresden