Thursday Forum

The history and reconstruction of the Frauenkirche, architectural and monument preservation issues from its direct environment, technologically or stylistically related examples from Germany and Europe as well as civic engagement in our society will be dealt with in a series of lectures which the sponsoring society in the Frauenkirche has given the title »Thursday Forum«.

Since 1998 there have been more than 200 events with well-known scientists, theologians, artists, and politicians. There are also regular panel discussions on ethical questions with young people.

The events usually take place on the last Thursday of the month in the lower church. Admission is free; instead, donations are requested at the exit. The speakers support this idea by foregoing fees.

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Did you know that ...

organizing this series of lectures costs about 2,500 euros a year? That's why the Support Society is grateful for all contributions, e.g. help with advertizing upcoming events, donations or business partnerships.