Building data

There is a lot to learn about the Dresden Frauenkirche. Selected measurements, key figures and historical facts are compiled here.

Facts & figures

Height of the church (with spire cross) 91,23 m
Length of the church (west/east) 50,02 m
Width of the church (north/south) 41,95 m
Enclosed space 91.620 m³
Height of the dome 24,00 m
Outer diameter of the main dome 26,15 m
Height of the visitor platform on the lantern 67,06 m


Total weight of the church building 60.000 t
Weight of the dome and the lantern 13.000 t
Steel structures (anchors, gallery girders, window frames) 570 t
Electrical cables laid (during reconstruction) 85.000 m
Wood (doors, bell frames, flooring, pews etc.) 800 m3
Gilding (gold leaf) 600 g


Height of the nave up to eye of the inner dome 36,65 m
Number of pillars 8
Number of galleries 5
Seats (nave | galleries) 1.664 (622 | 1.042)
Material of the pews fir wood
Painting sections in the inner dome 8 sections / 8 miniatures


Glocke Diameter Weight
Thanksgiving bell Hanna 69,4 cm 291 kg
Baptismal bell Philippus 78,5 cm 392 kg
Memorial bell Maria 84,6 cm 328,5 kg
Prayer bell David 85,0 cm 475 kg
Wedding bell Josua 96,4 cm 645 kg
City bell Jeremia 108,6 cm 900 kg
Proclamation bell Johannes 125,1 cm 1.228 kg
Peace bell Jesaja 104,4 cm 1.750 kg


How long did the reconstruction take (debris removal to consecration)? 1993-2005
What proportion of the overall structure is made up of historic stone material? ca. 45%
How many facade stones are old? 7.110
What was the total cost of the reconstruction? 182.6 million euros
What were the mere construction costs? 131,1 million euros
How much was donated for the reconstruction? 102,8 million euros
How long was the construction delay? none (finished one year earlier!)
How much was the budget overdrawn? 2% (i.e. less than inflation!)