Chamber Choir of the Frauenkirche

The Chamber Choir of the Frauenkirche has developed into a highly recognized group in Dresden's musical landscape since it was founded by Frauenkirche cantor Matthias Grünert in 2005. With dedication and the highest standards, the singers dedicate themselves primarily to works of a cappella literature and oratorios of the 17th and 18th centuries.

Spiritual choral music is at the heart of the repertoire, which includes the major a cappella works and most of the choral symphonic works of the 18th century. A special focus is on the works of Johann Sebastian Bach, which the chamber choir regularly performs. In addition, the almost 30 choir members perform all mass settings and oratorios by Monteverdi, Bach, Haydn and Mozart.

The main task of the choir is the organization of church services, religious Sunday music and concerts in the Frauenkirche. The chamber choir also sees itself as the church music ambassador for the Frauenkirche. They have performed again and again outside of Dresden; concert tours were not only in the surrounding area, but also in France, Japan, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium and Great Britain. They played in front of important people such as the US President Barack Obama, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, former Federal President Horst Koehler and Pope Francis.


The chamber choir often takes part in radio and television recordings and also attaches great importance to the recording of special works. Since the choir's CD debut in 2006, numerous records have been released.


The Chamber Choir of the Frauenkirche presents itself in the following orchestration:

Norina Bamberg, Lydia Braun, Susanne Grünert, Ulrike Heindel, Antje Hoehne, Karoline Hübner, Elisabeth Huhn, Monika Schneider, Christiane Schubert, Ulrike Thätner

Susanne Arndt, Dorothea Bleyl, Elisabeth Gruël, Annedor Heidkamp-Schröder, Marie-Elisabeth Leßmann, Anke Jana, Claudia Philipp, Cornelia Rabeneck, Gabriele Scharfenberger, Christiane Sichelschmidt, Karen Teßmer, Cornelia Tschöpe

Moritz Brode, Christoph Münch, Filippo Nisini, Hans-Martin Sachs, Mahdi Safari, Richard Schrödter, Martin Schulze-Griebler, Jörg Sichelschmidt, Dominik Stöckel, Franz Woßlick

Frieder Bamberg, Timmy Ebert, Jörn Gruël, Christoph Hein, Hans-Christian Hoch, Sebastian Hoehne, Hans Kenschke, Konrad Koch, Christian Lotze, Anton Meinig, Christoph Meißner, Wolf-Ulrich Müller, Rico Wenzel,

Selected concerts