Site regulations for the ascent of the dome

Welcome to the ascent of the dome in the Frauenkirche! We explicitly point out that the construction of the Frauenkirche differs from today's building specifications.

This results in dangers when climbing the dome, which require special care on the part of visitors. This applies in particular to the ascent of the very steep ladder and spiral staircases.

Due to these dangers, children and youth up to the age of 12 may only climb the dome if they are accompanied by adult supervisors. They must ensure constant supervision of the children and young people in all areas of the dome ascent.

We urgently recommend climbing the dome only in good health and with sturdy shoes. If you suffer from vertigo and / or claustrophobia, musculoskeletal restrictions, respiratory diseases or visual impairment, you should refrain from climbing the dome.

The entrance and exit to the dome ascent is at entrance G, in exceptional cases via door A. The ascent begins with the use of the elevator; if this is out of order, the ascent takes place in the stairwell at entrance G. Avoid noise and loud speaking on the entire way in the building. Smoking and the use of open flames are prohibited on the way to the viewing platform as well as on the platform itself. It is strictly forbidden to throw objects from the viewing platform. Bringing larger objects, food and drinks is not permitted. Umbrellas can be placed in the umbrella stand at the beginning of the spiral ramp; no liability is accepted. Animals are not allowed.

The ascent to the dome depends on the weather. If the viewing platform is iced up or winds are too strong, the ascent closes / remains closed.

The instructions of the supervisory staff must be followed. Parents are responsible for their children. The ascent to the dome is at your own risk.

Thanks for your visit!

The site regulations have been in effect since May 1st, 2015. They can be changed or supplemented by additional specifications.